What Camera Does Markiplier Use?

It is said that history informs the future. How true the statement is can only depend on the context. Sometimes, if you keenly follow what other people did to become successful can help you find your own success. Let’s take a look at Markiplier and his success in vlogging.

You will for sure need the technical know-how as well as be passionate to achieve success on a YouTube channel today. If you keenly observe Markiplier videos, you will admire the clarity and intensity of these videos. The question that comes up when thinking of his videos is, what camera does Markiplier use?

Canon 70D

This is the specific camera used by Markiplier to make videos for his YouTube channel. Most of other popular people in the vlogging industry also use this camera. Before we get to understand how the camera works and why someone like Markiplier prefers it compared to others, let’s first understand the specifications of the camera.

Here are some specifications:

  • Flip screen
  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1080p/30fps
  • 20.2 MP
  • ISO 100 – 25,600
  • External microphone jack

The Canon 70D in Detail

You are now aware of the specifications of the Canon 70D but what we want to understand is, what makes the camera popular among renowned vloggers? The following are some of the core reasons why Markiplier

1. Flip and Touch Screen

One of the primary reasons why vloggers prefer to use this camera is because it has a 3” flip and touch screen and the display has 1.040k pixels. It, therefore, makes filming yourself a simple task. Having a touchscreen improves the ease of navigation compared to using the traditional buttons and scrolls.

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When shooting videos, the touchscreen makes it easy to set focus as it is only a tap away. It also helps you to keep an eye on a number of settings and also the battery life. A flip screen, on the other hand, is a necessity when vlogging to improve productivity. It helps to continuously monitor the focus throughout the video.

2. Battery Life

The camera has an incredible battery life. On a full charge, it can last up to 920 shots. When you have to use it outdoors, the battery life will rarely be a concern. Another aspect making it fit for outdoor activities is because it is both dust and water resistant. But this does not mean you go shooting videos underwater.

3. Video Quality

When it comes to the aspect of video quality, the camera has two modes. There is the 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps. The 1080p/30fps provides video quality that is good enough to swamp your vlogging channel with subscribers. It can also support slow-motion recordings by switching to 720p at up to 7fps.

It also has some aspect of image stabilization which helps to capture a smooth video when recording on the go. It also has some intense autofocus and face detection technology that is both fast and accurate. This is a rare combination.

4, Audio Quality

The quality of the audio is a major concern when vlogging. It does not make sense to have a quality video and poor audio, the sound is as much important as the video. In some cases, the internal microphone of the Canon 70D is not that effective. Vloggers get to use external microphones as a way to boost the audio performance.

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5. Wi-Fi

The camera comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi with NFC. In recent times, most of the gadgets we use on a daily basis are fitted with Wi-Fi. Televisions, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are some examples among many others. The advantage of having Wi-Fi in this camera is that it facilitates connection with your other devices. You can control the camera using your phone, wirelessly transfer files, and instantly watch videos on your TV. These are few examples of how to utilize the Wi-Fi feature.

Additional Tips

  • Lighting is very important when it comes to achieving the best videos or photographs. It is therefore important to ensure you vlog in a place with ample lighting.
  • Use external microphones to enhance the audio quality.
  • To be able to target specific focus points, tap the fold-out touchscreen.

Markiplier creates reaction type videos. This is the camera that he uses to come up with his iconic video series. It is among the best cameras for use by vloggers. If you intend to engage in reaction kind of videos, try using this camera for exceptional video quality.