Best Underwater Fishing Camera of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are an avid fisherman and you aren’t having a ton of luck with your fishing or you are looking for ways to improve, then and underwater fishing camera may just be the things that you need. This device will allow you to be able to see just when and where fish are biting your line if the water is clear. A camera will show you first hand when you make a mistake and end up losing a fish that was on your line. It really helps you to be able to improve your fishing as it will show you how each and every move that you make has a direct impact on the fish that you are fighting as well as how your line is sitting in the water.

To help you be able to find yourself an awesome underwater fishing camera, we have created a buyer’s guide covering the various aspects of an underwater fishing camera that you should be on the lookout for. Also, we have come up with a list of our picks for the top underwater fishing cameras on the market so that you can see some of the many options that are available to you.




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Eyoyo 7″ Fishing Camera


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XIKEZAN Fishing Camera


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Erchang 3.5 Inch Camera


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Wosports Fish Finder Camera


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What kind of a battery should I expect to find?

In a fishing camera, you should expect to find a battery that is basically capable of being able to last for an entire day on a charge. This is because generally when you are out on a boat, you are normally fishing for hours on end and you wouldn’t want to be unable to capture the footage that you desire when the fish finally start to bite at the end of the day.

What should I look for in lights for the camera?

If you are fishing in murky water it would be almost impossible to be able to capture footage on your camera without the use of a light. You will generally find that the actual lens on the camera itself is surrounded by lights in order to be able to capture footage underwater. You should look for a design in which you can turn the lights off as if the water is clear enough and it is a bright enough day, it may even make your video worse in some cases.

What is a good operating temperature that I should look for?

Depending what time of the year you want to fish in, certain cameras are only designed to be able to work under certain temperature conditions. If you are using the camera on a day that is too hot, the camera may malfunction and not work anymore, the same may happen if it is too cold.

Generally, manufacturers have put their cameras to the test in order to find out the maximum and minimum operating temperatures that their device is capable of being used in. In order to make sure that you are within the temperature regulations of the camera, you should always check to see what the previous hottest and coldest day of the year was during the fishing season in recent years and find something that falls within that range.

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What size of a screen should I expect?

The nice thing about fishing cameras is that they almost always have a large screen with them, which allows you to be able to view your content easily. Most of the time you are going to find that the camera screen is separate from the actual camera simply because of the fact that the camera lens is under the water. During your search, you should expect to see something as small as a 3-inch screen to something as large as a 7-inch screen or bigger.

What should I look for in camera accessories?

With a fishing camera, you are not going to be using it each and every day unless you are a professional fisherman. If you want your camera to last you for a long time, one of the most important things that you should look for is a carrying case for your camera. In addition to a carrying case, your camera is also going to need something that allows it to attach to the boat or to float off the side of the boat.

You will want to look for cameras that come with things like clips, floats, and chains so that you can easily attach your camera to anything that you need in order to be able to capture quality fishing footage.

How much memory storage do I need?

For fishing cameras, you actually do need a lot of memory storage as usually, you will leave these devices in the water at all times. If you want to make sure that you have enough memory you should always check to see just how large the expandable storage on a unit can go. It is also a good idea to see if the camera comes with any memory cards when you purchase the unit as this can be a good starting point for your camera’s memory.

Top 4 Best Underwater Fishing Camera Reviews

1. Eyoyo 7″ Fishing Camera

If you are willing to spend a little bit more money on a unit in exchange for a large LCD display, you may want to look and see what this camera bundle has to offer. The unit has a pretty amazing battery life as well as a large amount of cable so that you can easily hook up your camera anywhere on your boat.


  •    There is a massive seven-inch TFT to display footage from this camera
  •    The unit doesn’t have too bad of quality of picture at 600 tv lines resolution
  •    The camera comes with 15 meters of cable making it extremely easy to hook up anywhere on your boat
  •    The 4000 mAh battery on the fish finder is ideal for a long day of fishing and making sure that you don’t miss any quality footage
  •    Option of coming with a 3 year protection or three year accident protection warranty
  •    The unit comes with a very nice carrying case, a float, a keychain as well as a set of metal clips
  •    12 LED lights are around the camera so that you can capture things in poor light
  •    The lights on the camera are adjustable and can be turned off if needed
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The higher price tag of this fishing camera may be a little bit much if you are running on a tight budget


If you have a bit of money to spend on a fishing camera and you want something that is capable of being setup pretty much anywhere you need, you may like the looks of this fishing camera. The camera is capable of producing some pretty good footage and with the ability to be able to hook up the unit to a 12 volt DC current, it is hard to go wrong with this design.

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2. Erchang 3.5 Inch Camera

If you are looking for a quality camera, but you don’t have a super high budget for one. You may like the looks of what this device has. The unit may have a small LCD display, but it does have a pretty large battery in its design and it even incorporates the use of infrared technology so that you can see better in poor lighting conditions.


  •    This camera has a 3000 mAh battery, which will allow you to be able to be on the water most of the day without needing to recharge
  •    The unit is actually capable of lasting from 5-6 hours on one charge
  •    You can order a specific length of line according to your needs, which is awesome for large boats
  •    The LCD on this device may be small at just 3.5 inches, but it is more than capable of being able to show you the quality footage that you have taken
  •    8 infrared LED lights built into the unit are exactly what you need to see in poor lighting conditions
  •    The unit has a 130-degree wide-angle lens, which will allow you to capture almost all fish that swim by
  •    The camera is built to be durable and can actually withstand up to 30 KG of tension


  •    The screen on this unit may be a little small for your liking


If you can get over the smaller screen that this unit possesses, you are going to be pretty happy with what this camera has to offer. You can setup this camera pretty much anywhere you need and be able to capture the content that you desire. If you would like to stick to a low budget for a fishing camera make sure you consider this one as an option.

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3. Wosports Fish Finder Camera

This is another premium low budget camera available on the market. This camera is capable of being able to record content in 720p, which is quite good for the price of the Wosports camera. This camera sports a pretty decently sized LCD display, which will allow you to be able to see your recorded content with ease.


  •    The camera has a wide 140-degree lens so that you can see all of the fish that swim by
  •    The camera has 2 megapixels in its design, which allows it to be able to capture quality images
  •    Six pieces make up the infrared night vision on the unit, which is great for seeing fish in low light conditions
  •    The unit is quite small in size, which makes it easy to pack up and move around with you as you wish
  •    Watch your video in live stream and be easily able to see what kind of a fish you are dealing with
  •    The battery on this unit can last for up to a 12 hour day, which is quite impressive
  •    Comes with a 30-meter cable, which is ideal for large boats
  •    Comes with a tie wrap, a stake out pole and one holder for the unit
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  •    You may want to purchase more mounts for your boat


As long as you aren’t looking for a camera that has a whole bunch of mounts, you should be happy with what you get when you purchase this camera. The camera is definitely one that you should consider if you are on a budget as 720p quality is nothing to laugh at. This is a great budget camera and you will be able to watch some great footage on the 4.3-inch display that comes with the unit.

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4. XIKEZAN Fishing Camera

This design may be a moderate price tag with a relatively small LCD, but it is designed to be extremely portable and easy to use. The camera has infrared technology as well as a fair amount of cable so that you have enough room to hook it up on your boat.


  •    The camera comes with a 3.5 inch LCD monitor, which produces awesome picture quality
  •    The cable on this unit stretches 15 meters, which is long enough to use on most boats
  •    The camera has a 3000 mAh battery in its design, which allows you to capture content for up to six hours straight
  •    The camera can support the use of a micro SD card if you want to expand the storage space to support 32 GB
  •    There is an eight piece infrared system in this design, which allows you to be able to easily view fish in poor lighting conditions.


  •    The 3.5-inch display on the unit is definitely not huge and may not be ideal if you don’t have great vision


If you can stand the 3.5-inch display, this is one of the most portable units on the market. With a decent amount of cable and a 3000 mAh battery, you will be set to capture footage anytime during the day and if you go fishing often, you won’t run out of storage space as you can simply pop a new memory card into the unit as needed.

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To Conclude:

As you can see from this article, there are a lot of aspects to an underwater camera that can have a large impact on the quality of footage that you get. Depending on where you fish and how much you fish, you may definitely have a preference on how much you want to spend on a camera as well as the quality of footage that you want to have. Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes up to how this can help your fishing and has shown you a thing or two about underwater fishing cameras so that you can make a better purchase decision. Good luck finding yourself a camera and hope you catch a bunch of fish!