Best Peephole Camera of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are looking for some security for your home, one thing you can do is get yourself a peephole camera. This type of camera fits in a peephole in your door and will transmit footage over to a screen for you to take a look at. This will allow you to see who is at your door before you go to open it. There are definitely certain aspects of a peephole camera that you will want to learn about before you go and make a purchase.

In order to teach you about peephole cameras so that you can buy a high quality one, we have created a peephole camera buyer’s guide that you can take a read through in order to learn about the features that you may want in a peephole camera of your own. We have also created a list of our picks for the top peephole cameras on the market so that you can have some examples of good quality peephole cameras.




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Ring Video Doorbell


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Blink Home Security


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Brinno PHV1330


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Eques Peephole


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How high of a budget should I have for one of these products?

These types of products are not insanely expensive as they are relatively compact in design. If you want to get one of the best units on the market you would be safe with a budget for a camera that is in and around the 250 dollar range. You will find that there are plenty of cameras available on the market that are under this price tag and you should be able to buy and install one of these cameras for something around this price range.

What should I expect in terms of video quality?

In such a compact unit you will rarely find a camera that is capable of being able to record content in 1080p HD. However, there are lots of cameras on the market that are in 360p as well as 720p, which are definitely capable of being able to record the content that you desire. It is important to think about the kind of video quality that you want to look at as this is your home security and if you want to clearly be able to tell who is at your door, you may want to make sure you get a camera capable of high-quality footage.

How do I install one of these and how do I know that my door is capable of holding one?

The best thing about many of these units is that they actually setup in place of a doorbell and therefore you don’t have to damage your door to install one of these devices. This is not always the case, however, some cameras on the market do require you to have to drill a hole in your door in order to install the camera. The best thing is, the cameras that require this come with step by step instructions or you can pay someone to professionally install the camera for you on your door if you desire.

Where does the video recorded go for these types of units?

Depending on the product that you purchase the video will be capable of going to different places. For the best units on the market, they will most likely be capable of attaching to your phone over a Wi-Fi connection so that you can see who is at the door regardless of your location. Other types of units hook up to a larger LCD display, which will show you who is on the other side of the door without having to open it.

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Should I look for a camera that has alerts?

If you want the best home security possible, you should definitely try and look for a camera that has the best alerting system. Some cameras are actually built so that they send your phone a notification every time that a motion is triggered on the camera.

These are the best types of units to have if you want to install cameras on various doors throughout your home. It is always important to make sure that your device is compatible with the unit beforehand as some of the products on the market are Android or Apple specific.

What should I expect for frames per second?

If you want to make sure that you are getting one of the best quality cameras on the market for your money, you should make sure you look at the frames per second that the camera is capable of capturing. The more frames per second that the camera captures, the better quality footage you are going to get out of it. Just remember that footage definition will make your video clear though, which is important to keep in mind.

What should I look for in terms of battery life?

Not all products on the market actually use batteries. Some peephole cameras are actually capable of being hooked up via a wired connection, which is ideal if you want something that you don’t have to replace the batteries in all of the time.

Generally, you are going to find that cameras use commonplace AA or AAA batteries in their design, simply due to the fact that you don’t have to replace batteries very often in these cameras as they don’t get used a lot. Occasionally, you will find some lithium ion battery designs in the top of the line cameras and this may be something you may want to look for.

Top 4 Best Peephole Camera Reviews

1. Eques Peephole Camera

If you want to get one of the cheapest peephole viewers on the market, you will want to make sure that you take a look at this camera. The camera comes with a free 8 GB SD memory card, which is not something you would expect to see at this price range. This unit is built so that it easily installs and so that it lasts for a long time before batteries in the unit need replacing.


  •    The unit can be installed in as little as three minutes, which is extremely fast
  •    The camera is powered by three AA batteries, which can last for up to four months
  •    The camera hooks up to a 2.8 inch LCD, which makes it easy to see who is on the other side of the door
  •    Expandable memory can go as large as 32 GB in the unit
  •    Reflective mirror in the unit prevents people from looking inside of the house through the peephole
  •    A three or a four-year protection warranty is available for the unit if you desire to purchase it
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  •    If you want a device that is smartphone compatible, this isn’t the one for you


As long as you are okay with viewing your visitors on the 2.8 inch LCD rather than on your smartphone, you are going to like this camera. The camera may not have night vision capability, but it is definitely able to show you who is standing on your doorstep if it is light outside or if you have a light on. This is a great camera for someone who is on a tight budget.

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2. Brinno PHV1330

If you have a larger budget for a camera and you want to get something with a pretty decent size display, then you may like what this camera has. The Brinno model has expandable memory storage as well as the ability to be able to automatically snap photos of whoever is at your door. If security is your priority, this camera has a lot to offer with its sleek design.


  •    Option to be able to push a button on the unit in order to record who is standing in front of your door
  •    The camera is great in low light conditions and does a good job of eliminating picture distortion
  •    The camera automatically turns off after ten seconds in order to preserve battery life of the unit
  •    A knocking sensor on the unit is a feature that will start recording after someone knocks on the door
  •    Requires two AA batteries in order to run the device
  •    Can hold a 2 GB micro SD card to store images and content


  •    The unit is only compatible with peepholes in doors that are 1-3/8” to 2- ¼ inch thick
  •    The camera does not come with an SD card so you will have to purchase your own separately


If you don’t mind drilling holes in your door in order to add a peephole, you may be interested in what this camera has to offer. With this products built in knocking and motion detection features, it is more than capable of being able to produce quality content. This is a great security camera for someone who can afford it as long as they don’t want something that is compatible with their mobile device.

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3. Blink Home Security

If you want a smartphone compatible peephole camera and don’t want to pay a ton of money to buy one, you may like what this camera has to offer. The camera has the ability to be able to be triggered when motion is detected and works via a Wi-Fi connection to send an alert and a clip of the event to your smartphone.


  •    The unit is powered by 2 AA lithium batteries, which is actually capable of lasting for up to two years
  •    The unit is fairly easy to install and works with both Android as well as Apple devices
  •    The wire free device makes it so that you don’t have to worry about electrical issues
  •    Free cloud storage with the unit means you aren’t going to run out of memory or have to purchase an external memory card for the camera.
  •    No drilling is required to setup the unit if you don’t want to
  •    The camera records in 720p quality
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If you are looking for an inexpensive design, this may not be the camera for you


If you want a home security peephole camera capable of producing high-quality footage, you may definitely want to consider purchasing this camera. The unit has live view mode as well as previously recorded motion detection so that you can know who is at your door now and who was at your door earlier. This is an awesome unit without a monthly subscription and one you should definitely take a look at if you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

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4. Ring Video Doorbell

If you have a very high budget for a peephole camera and are looking for top quality, you may be interested in what this camera brings to the table. The unit comes in four different color options and you can choose to get the product professionally installed if that is something you are interested in.


  •    Comes with a rechargeable battery
  •    The unit is weather resistant so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking from a little rain
  •    The camera is Wi-Fi compatible and will sound motion alerts to your smartphone
  •    A wide angle lens is used so that you can always see what is at your door
  •    Lifetime purchase protection to give you peace of mind with spending this much money
  •    Records content in 720p
  •    Two way talk so that you don’t have to open the door if you are busy


  •    Subscription for the cloud storage may not be something that you want


If you don’t mind paying a subscription for memory in exchange for one of the most advanced designs on the market, you may definitely want to consider this option. This is a great camera that is more than capable of letting you know who or what is at your door each and every time a motion is detected. If you want something that is easy to install and that is stylish, this just may be the peephole camera you have been searching for.

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To Conclude:

This article has hopefully taught you some of the things you wanted to learn about peephole cameras. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have an area in your door in order to be able to install the camera before you make a purchase. These products do a really good job of keeping your home safe and you don’t have to worry about break-ins and opening the door to unwanted visitors ever again after the installation of one of these units. Best of luck with finding a new peephole camera and hope you enjoy your cool home security and peace of mind.