About Us

Our site is a place where you can read the latest on cameras, the newest in the market and news about cameras of all sorts. There are new cameras on the market every day, both analog and digital, and I take my time to evaluate the characteristics of each and every one of them to bring to you the latest in the world of cameras. There are improvements in digital technology every day and enhancements in analog cameras just about at the same rate, but, which to choose? Our goal is to assist you, bringing you the latest and newest information about the world of cameras and let you choose and evaluate which is the best one for you! If you are thinking of an analog camera, then you might also want to think about films and elaborating images yourself as part of the process. In regards to digital cameras, they have come a long way since their first appearance, and today even professional photographers use digital cameras; they come of different resolutions, FPS and with different functions and options, depending on the make and model.

In addition to cameras per se, there is a wide range of accessories that you can include. There are HD lenses and widescreen lenses with almost unlimited range. All this add up to the camera experience and bring out the many different things that a camera can do. There are also external microphones and external flash devices for your camera, all of which improve the sound and the image captured to provide you with a better experience. All of these elements can be combined to obtain the maximum results out of each camera, to capture the best images and videos and to immortalize that moment so precious to you. These moments will be recorded in the highest definition, in the best FPS rate and with the best sound and lighting, all thanks to the external and additional accessories that each camera has.

Our goal is to bring out to you the latest information on analog and digital cameras but also the latest information about accessories such as microphones, lenses and external flashes. Our wish is that you reach to that combination of elements that will bring out the best in every image you take, in every video you record and to make the best of every moment you experience. Being that there are so many cameras in the market and that there are new cameras every day, we felt the need to offer our services and be of assistance by providing the latest information about cameras and camera accessories so that you can inform yourself and come up with the best option for you, for your particular and specific needs.

Thank you for trusting in us and depositing your confidence in our experience, we will do our best evaluating and testing each and every model that comes out to the market along with each and every accessory that comes along as well. We are set out and determined to be your go-to site before purchasing a new camera; we will continue our current process of evaluating each camera that comes into the market and we will continue evaluating accessories, testing them individually and testing different combinations, this to come up with the truest and accurate results and to bring to you the most precise and relevant information to assist you in the purchase of a brand new camera, either for yourself or as a present for a loved one. We thank you once again for trusting us and relying on our experience. We will do our best to satisfy your every need.